Moore Strickland

Moore Strickland

Construction Litigation

Often involving severe injuries and large lost wages claims, construction injury torts are high-stakes cases entwined in complex issues of law, contract and coverage. Partner Darlene Strickland has represented owners, contractors and subcontractors in over 50 construction injury claims, bringing to their cases the unique skills and expertise needed for this area of law:

  • —Knowledge of the overlapping layers of federal, state and local regulations and statutes.
  • —Familiarity with applicable OSHA/ANSI standards.
  • —Expertise with the complex insurance coverage issues that arise.
  • —Understanding of AIA contract forms and relationships among owners, contractors and subcontractors that are crucial to determining duty and liability in this area.
  • —Knowledge of the area's top safety and construction experts.

Ms. Strickland and the firm have defended a variety of injury claims, including multi-party claims involving construction worker injury and construction equipment/product liability claims. They've faced off against the area's pre-eminent plaintiff's firms, generating an impressive record of results for our clients.

Ms. Strickland also brings her construction experience to construction defect claims, where she has defended defect allegations involving water and mold damage.

Due to our successes, over 40% of the construction injury and construction defect cases we've defended have been resolved with no indemnity payment from our clients.

If you have concerns with defending construction litigation claims, please contact partner Darlene Strickland:

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