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Moore Strickland

Device Liability

Moore Strickland and Partner Gary Moore have been representing the drug and medical device industry for over 20 years. In that time Mr. Moore has defended dozens of cases for drugs and products ranging from wheelchairs, to complex medical diagnostic and treatment devices, to a host of implant and prosthetic devices.

In this specialty branch of products liability, that level of experience is invaluable. Our knowledge of the engineering principles involved in these products, our network of top experts in the field and our familiarity with the medical device industry itself is hard won-and not readily replicated by less experienced attorneys. As medical device claims can have large potential liability, we employ this expertise with a focus on swift case evaluation and, if possible, early resolution.

Mr. Moore has been privileged to serve as Panel Counsel for Medmarc, a noted specialty lines insurer of drug and medical device manufacturers, as well as defending a variety of self-insured medical device manufacturers. Our firm has also represented Henry Schein in the Multi-District Latex Glove Litigation, where we negotiated excellent settlements on multiple claims.

In addition to litigation defense, we also provide consulting on quality assurance and regulatory issues for our clients. If you have concerns about any of these areas, Partner Gary Moore would like to help address your concerns:

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