Moore Strickland

Moore Strickland

Employment Law

Partner Darlene Strickland has over 15 years experience in defending employment law claims for defamation, tortious interference, sexual harassment and employment discrimination. She has represented client employers, including Denny's, HMS Host and Crawford & Co., in federal court, state court and local human rights agencies.

This experience in workplace claims and knowledge of the multiple levels of federal, state and local laws and ordinances allows Ms. Strickland to cut to the heart of each case. Her swift analysis of the legal and human issues involved helps facilitate early resolution if possible, whether through settlement or dispositive motion. Furthermore, Ms. Strickland understands the importance of protecting confidential client information and always keeps an eye towards protecting client documentation during the process of defending employment claims.

If you have concerns regarding current potential employment litigation, Partner Darlene Strickland would like to help address your concerns:

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