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Moore Strickland

Sexual Abuse Litigation

Lawsuits targeting a nonprofit after an act of sexual abuse can cause a chain reaction of damage, possibly even shutting down that organization. As defense counsel in sexual abuse litigation, we work to stop this spread of damage.

Few areas of law pose as many challenges to non-profits, insurers and defense counsel as this. The subject is delicate and the risks, both financial and in damage to reputation, can be very high. Our firm's Partner Gary Moore is among only a handful of lawyers extensively experienced in defending nonprofits in sexual abuse lawsuits. He has authored articles on the defense of sex abuse cases and is widely sought after to speak at conferences on the subject. Most importantly, Mr. Moore and the firm have achieved an unmatched record of successes for their clients:

  • —The firm has tried and won numerous sexual assault cases for public and private organizations.
  • —The firm successfully defended a national youth services organization in four recent sexual abuse cases, resulting in the dismissal of each case.
  • —Prevailing in the defense of a prominent mentoring organization, resulting in a landmark Appellate Court opinion protecting national youth services organizations from sex abuse lawsuits.
  • —The firm acts as national coordinating counsel for the defense of sex abuse claims on behalf of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, the country's most prominent non-profit youth services organization.

We view the journey through the maze of sexual abuse litigation as a partnership with our client. Over the years we have had the privilege of representing a diverse group of clients, including non-profits like BBBSA, insurers such as AIG and St. Paul, and self-insured public entities such as the Chicago Housing Authority. We strive to understand each client's unique mission and goals and how they bear on this litigation. Our experience in defending these claims has allowed us to develop unique assets to bring to this partnership:

  • —Our knowledge and experience in this sensitive area of law. We have achieved exceptional results in our home state of Illinois and in sexual abuse cases nationwide.
  • —Our skill in handling the press and managing adverse publicity.
  • —An already-developed network of information, support and experts in the youth services area that assists us in delivering cost-effective results.
  • —Our dedication, our drive for professional excellence and our passion to protect our clients' good work.

These assets allow us to address a variety of needs for clients. In addition to defending clients in litigation, we can offer services including national coordination against multiple claims, providing advice on preventing and limiting risk and protecting your insurance coverage rights.

If you're concerned about the impact of sexual abuse litigation on your organization, our firm and Partner Gary Moore would like to address your concerns:

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Gary K. Moore, Partner*

Click here to read Gary Moore's article, "Defending Sexual Abuse Claims" (PDF)

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