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Defending toxic tort claims require some special traits in an attorney. Focus of mind to handle the voluminous documents and information such cases entail, an aptitude for the science behind the case, and an ability to see the "big picture" of how your defense will impact the defense of multiple claims. The partners of Moore Strickland have been applying these abilities to Toxic Tort cases for a combined 30 years, winning favorable results and in some cases even changing the course of toxic tort litigation in favor of our clients. Representing clients such as the Chicago Housing Authority, Sigma-Aldrich, Henry Schein and Medmarc, the firm's experience has spanned several important areas of toxic torts:


In the consolidated Amoco "sick-building" litigation, our firm aggressively defended a chemical manufacturer, obtaining dismissals for our client from 8 cases and summary judgment in the remaining 2 cases, which served as a deterrent for further filings against the manufacturer.


Our firm significantly lowered the value of pediatric lead poisoning cases in Cook County after these suits were targeted by plaintiff's mass torts firms.

Senior Partner Gary Moore obtained a not guilty jury verdict in Burns v. CHA., a minor's lead-based paint suit in which the plaintiff's attorney asked the jury for $4,500,000.00 in damages for permanent brain injury. Our firm successfully defended the plaintiff's vigorous post-trial motions and appeals, leading to a decision by The Illinois Supreme Court denying plaintiff's final Petition For Leave To Appeal to that court.

We were able to utilize the leverage this gave us to favorably resolve a number of other lead-based paint cases. Since Burns, five additional lead-paint claims we defended have been voluntarily dismissed. Four further claims have been settled for a total of $53,000-extremely favorable settlements for a field in which jury verdicts average $500,000.


Through aggressive defense and negotiations in the consolidated latex litigation in Cook County, our firm obtained nuisance value settlements for our distributors in all of their cases, which significantly lowered the overall value of the cases and, in turn, pressured plaintiffs into resolution of all pending claims.


We have defended clients in personal injury actions alleging pediatric mold exposure, obtaining nuisance-value settlements for the mold allegations.

If you're involved in toxic tort litigation presently, or concerned about your potential liability for future suits, contact Senior Partner Gary Moore to address your concerns:

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