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Moore Strickland

"The strength of a client's position in a case always boils down to this question: what will its strength be at trial?" —Gary K. Moore

Trial Practice

Bringing a case to trial is not our first goal as defense attorneys. Trials by nature are expensive and filled with risk. If there's an easier way out-through settlement, mediation or otherwise-we find it for our clients. However, if a claim must go to trial, there is no substitute for the kind of trial experience that Moore Strickland can bring to this critical phase.

Fewer cases are tried today than in the past and there are fewer lawyers with significant trial experience. The partners of Moore Strickland belong to an increasingly rare breed of attorneys who posses the extensive trial experience and exceptional track record gained over their 50 cumulative years of practice. They have tried claims for auto, premises, products, construction, trucking, toxic tort, civil rights and sexual abuse. No strangers to high-pressure cases, our partners have faced off again and again against Chicago's best plaintiff's attorneys in trials with multi-million-dollar potential verdicts. Partner Gary Moore alone has tried over 100 cases in court during his three decades of practice.

This experience serves our firm well, not only at trial but in negotiation and settlement as well. The strength of a client's position in a case always boils down to this question: what will its strength be at trial? If an attorney does not try cases, there is no way he can know the answer to this question. Strength in trial practice leads to strength in negotiation.

If you are in need of a true Trial Lawyer, either for a new case or a case that has already been seen through discovery by another attorney, Moore Strickland is there for you.

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